A GP has created a video documenting a 'day in the life' of a doctor as people are angered by lack of face-to-face appointments.

Dr Abdul Mannan, who runs Hazel Valley surgery in Haslingden has uploaded a vlog to YouTube about what a normal day now looks like for him in a world after the height of the Covid pandemic.

In the vlog, the doctor discusses how he arrives at the surgery in the morning and organises home visits, prescriptions, looks at blood test results and prepares reports.

Dr Mannan also had several people in for face to face appointments which are conducted when it is necessary, but these are juggled around a large amount of work a GP takes on each day.

At 11.30am in the vlog, he said: "I have 159 prescriptions to sort out so as soon as I have seen this patient I will have to jump on and leave a couple of patients waiting.

"I shouldn't do because of Covid rules and social distancing but I have to do these prescriptions otherwise there will be people worried about their medication.

"I've not even had a look at the correspondence pile, I've not had a look at the pathology results but we will see how it goes."

The doctor said that GPs are also managing referrals from other services, such as social services, as well as responding to queries from patients that can only be dealt with by a doctor.

Dr Mannan said how he can complete up to 300 electronic prescriptions per day which have to be reviewed before they are issued.

Later in the vlog, he added: "We have things coming in from all directions, it's not that we aren't busy, it's not as if we aren't doing anything, we are not playing golf, it's not as if we are twiddling our thumbs or are work shy - the reality is primary care deals with 90 per cent of NHS episodes in a day.

"Every day you wake up in the UK, if there was 100,000 episodes you can be assured that 90,000 of those calls are being dealt with in primary care staff.

"That is why we are so busy and why you can't get through to us and that's why you can't get an appointment, that's why you get frustrated, that's why you get upset."

Dr Mannan went on to say about how the population increase has not been matched by the number of GPs, so GPs are having to deal with more patients on average than in the past which is part of the reason people struggle to get an appointment.

This vlog comes after GP surgeries have come under fire due to their lack of face to face appointments with Health Secretary Sajid Javid asking more GPs to open their doors.

The Health Secretary told MPs on September 14 that the Government “intends to do a lot more” to ensure this happens, although he did not give details of what action is planned.