A man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and dangerous driving after trying to evade police officers in Burnley.

Officers say a blue BMW M4 was spotted cruising around Burnley Town Centre which drew their attention as they headed back to the police station to finish their shift.

Inspector Chris Valentine said: "It was then seen a short time later going the wrong way down a one way street. Officers tried to stop it again in Tesco car park where it drove at speed towards them before mounting the pavement to make off.

"After heading towards Burnley Wood it crashed in to a lamp post and parked car. "A male has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving, dangerous driving, failing to stop and for possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

"The BMW is more than likely a write-off as will be the unfortunate car that was parked up. A late finish for the team but an excellent result getting this driver off the road."