A 25-year-old man who had researched how to take his own life using Google searches was found dead at his father's house.

Connor Goodwin had gone to his dad's on the night of May 16, after having an argument with his uncle.

An inquest at Accrington Town Hall heard that Connor, from Bacup, had taken a bottle of whisky with him, which he shared with his father, Eugene, before going to sleep in his dad's bed.

Mr Goodwin Snr then went out with his friend and returned to the property, in Gladstone Crescent, in the early hours of May 17, and upon going to the bathroom, found his son.

Coroner Mark Williams, reading a statement from Mr Goodwin Snr, said: "We shared the bottle of whisky and we were chatting and he was telling me about his new girlfriend.

"My friend Jason came round and we went for a drive to Manchester.

"I only have one bedroom and Connor went to sleep in my bed. I asked him if he wanted anything before we went out but he said no.

"When we came back a few hours later I went to watch some TV and then went to the bedroom and I couldn't see Connor in bed, but there was a knife on the bedroom floor, which wasn't mine.

"As I walked to the bathroom I could see him hanging."

Lancashire Telegraph: Connor Goodwin was found hanging in the bathroom at his father's house in Bacup

Mr Williams told the inquest that Mr Goodwin Snr called 999 and paramedics arrived but he knew his son was already dead.

Mr Williams, continuing with Mr Goodwin Snr's statement, said: "He had seemed to turn his life around and I have no idea why he would take his own life.

"He was in a good place. He was happy-go-lucky, and I had no reason to believe he would do this.

"I am devastated by this."

When police arrived at Mr Goodwin Snr's home, they found Connor also had some recent cuts to his forearms, and there was blood seen on the knife as well as around the wounds on his arms, which officers described as 'superficial wounds'.

They seized a mobile phone from the bathroom, and upon examination, found that Connor had conducted Google searches the previous day, in an attempt to find out ways to take his own life.

The inquest heard that Connor had had a difficult upbringing, but was close with his sister, Jasmine Barry, and had a good group of friends.

A statement from Connor's GP said that he rarely visited the doctor and had never been prescribed any medication, despite suffering at times with anxiety and depression.

During the hearing, his mother, Julie Kenyon, said Connor had attempted to take his life some years earlier, and had been to see a doctor in Rossendale - but nothing was ever prescribed, and no further appointments were made.

Mr Williams said: "I am satisfied, from the evidence, that he took his own life and intended to do so and record a conclusion of suicide."

Speaking after the hearing, Ms Kenyon, said her son was well-loved by his family.

She said: "So many people came to his funeral. His friends raised so much money for him, which paid for everything.

"He had a lot of friends, and he was so loved."

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