THE mother of Blackburn teenager Adam Rogers killed by a single punch in 2009 has welcomed a Parliamentary investigation highlighting the dangers of such assaults.

Pat Rogers said government action would be a suitable tribute to both her son and her husband and fellow campaigner David who died in July aged 88.

Adam, then 24, died after being hit by 17-year-old William Upton while on a night out in Blackburn.

His parents set up the 'Every Action Has Consequences Campaign' to educate young people on the dangers of even single punch and call for action on street violence.

Burnley Tory MP Antony Higginbotham and his Blackburn Labour counterpart Kate Hollern have backed a national campaign to end one punch assaults.

Last week a Westminster event, part of 'One Punch Awareness Week', brought MPs of all parties together.

Mrs Rogers said: "I am very pleased to see this issue raised in Parliament.

"Everybody talks about knife crime but one punch can kill.

"It has been a difficult year for our charity with the pandemic and the death of my husband David.

"We have not been able to go out an do our work but the message is still current and relevant. We are starting to go back to schools now.

"Government action or legislation on this issue would be a suitable tribute to both my son Adam and husband Dave."

The One Punch All-Party Parliamentary Group is highlighting the dangers of such assaults, including that they can kill, and has launched a Westminster inquiry into the issue.

It calling for data to be separately compiled on single punch attacks.

Mr Higginbotham MP said: “One punch assaults can have a devastating and often life-threatening impact. I was glad to join colleagues to raise awareness of the destruction one punch assaults can cause.”

Mrs Hollern said: "I have been pleased to note so many colleagues from across the political spectrum showing their support for the campaign to raise awareness of the impact that a single punch can have.

"I’ve long supported this campaign and pay tribute to the amazing work of Pat and the late David Rogers in getting this message out across the country.

"After the tragic loss of their son Adam they made this campaign, and the importance of teaching young people of the dangers of a single punch, their focus in life.

"I give particular thanks to Pat and David for their pioneering work and pay special tribute to the Lancashire Telegraph which over ten years ago helped to launch Pat and David’s own campaign.

"It is heartbreaking to think of the many losses of life from single punches in ‘heat of the moment’ situations."