A MAN who turned up at his dad's home drunk at 4am smashed a window when he was turned away.

Blackburn magistrates heard on a separate occasion Jack Bolton smashed windows at the Foyer where he was a resident at the time.

Bolton, 18, of the Foyer, Princes Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a glass panel belonging to Douglas Bolton and damaging two panes of reinforced glass worth £300 belonging to the Foyer. He was ordered to pay £200 compensation to his dad, £300 to the Foyer and £85 costs. He was also made subject to a restraining order which prohibits him attending at his father's address without prior permission for the next two years.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said Bolton repeatedly attended at his dad's address demanding to be let in but he was told he wasn't welcome because he was drunk.

"He didn't take no for an answer and the police actually attended five times before he was arrested," said Mr Parker. "At one stage his dad was on the phone to the police when the defendant told him not to make him smash a window."

He said Mr Bolton wanted to maintain contact with his son but didn't want him turning up at his home uninvited.

Mr Parker said Bolton was resident at the Foyer when he returned at 3.35am clearly in drink. He was allowed in but in the course of being admitted kicked the glass panels causing them to smash.

Gareth Price, defending, said following the Foyer incident his client had been kept in custody for over 48 hours.

"Its far from certain whether they will have him back," said Mr Price. "He is hopeful he can return and apologise and retain his room."

Mr Price said Bolton normally had a positive relationship with his father.

"He understands he is not going to be happy when he turns up in the middle of the night in drink," said Mr Price.