SENIOR councillors have backed the roll out of hundreds wheelie bins for recyclable waste.

Burnley Council's executive on Wednesday approved the plan to add 1,400 more properties to those with the easier-to-use rubbish receptacles.

In October 2019 Burnley Council introduced a wheelie bin recycling collection service for 22,000 of the 42,000 households in the borough.

Now, following a review, a further 617 properties will join the upgraded collection service, and a further 800 households are to be consulted on also receiving 240-litre bins.

They replace the existing boxes and bags used for recycling rubbish.

It is also approved the introduction of a paid-for larger 360-litre recycling wheelie bin for households that want more storage capacity. They will cost £31.30 a year.

Cllr Bea Foster, Burnley’s executive member for environmental services, said: “Houses that are on the recycling wheelie bin system have, in general, found it a lot easier to use and it’s been a success in encouraging more people to recycle more."