An East Lancashire animal shelter has made a desperate plea for more information after a puppy discovered in a “terrible” condition later died.

The six-month old pup was discovered in the Oswaldtwistle area on September 15 by a man who was walking his dog.

The poor pup was covered in mites and his eyes were so badly ulcerated that he would have lost his eyesight had he survived. 

Lancashire Telegraph: The puppy was covered in mites (Photo: Facebook/Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue)The puppy was covered in mites (Photo: Facebook/Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue)

The Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue group was contacted and they immediately referred him to receive emergency treatment at Armac Veterinary Clinic.

His glucose levels and temperature were “dangerously low” before going into treatment and he sadly lost his life.

The Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue group made a Facebook plea about the dog’s tragic short life and are eager for people to come forward with more information about the puppy.

Posting to Facebook they wrote: “He didn't have a name. He was just a pup. Just six months old.

“Someone knows where this dog came from. Someone knows why he's in this state."

“If you have any information please contact us in confidence. He didn't deserve to die.”

Tracy Haslam is the manager of the group and she was distressed and upset by the situation.

She said: “He was found in terrible condition - he was a mess.

"He had hardly any hair on his body, he could hardly walk. His eyes were so badly ulcerated that he would have lost his eye sight had he survived.

“The vets tried everything they possibly could but he was too far gone to have the treatment.”

Ms Haslam said they have traced the dog back to his breeders but they are still unable to find the dog’s owners.

Tracy said it’s “anyone’s guess” how long the puppy had been left on its own.

Tracy added: “He’s either been abandoned or he has escaped from his home.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Facebook/Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue)(Photo: Facebook/Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue)

“He was spotted crossing a road in Oswaldtwistle before the gentleman found him.”

Tracy said her work “is not easy” and became quite emotional while thinking about previous cases of animal suffering.

She said: “Sometimes it’s very hard. Some cases like this just stay with you.

“All his life all he has known is suffering – and now his life is gone. It’s just not right.”

“If anybody has any information about where the dog came from please get in touch – you can even do this all privately.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “This is a terribly sad and distressing incident. 

“We would urge anyone with information about who is responsible to contact the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”

You can visit the Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue Facebook page for more information.

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