Five fire engines were called to a house fire in the early hours of Monday morning after flames engulfed the entire building.

Building inspectors have also been called out following the blaze, to assess the safety and integrity of the property.

At around 1.36am on Monday, fire crews were called to a house in Every Street in Nelson. 

It was reported that a fire had spread to both floors of the property, with crews using two hose reel jets to bring the flames under control.

According to fire service officials, no-one was present in the house at the time and no injuries have been reported.

One fire engine remains at the scene this morning (Monday) while inspectors from Pendle Council carry out an assessment of the building's structure. 

A spokesperson for the brigade said: "Building inspectors from Pendle Council were requested as firefighters thought the building might not be stable. 

"Fire investigation have also been deployed to the scene and police were called to the incident as well.

"There's nothing to suggest there was anyone inside the building.

"Crews used a gas monitor, one BA team, and two hose reel jets to bring the fire under control."

An investigation into the cause of the fire is now under way, and it is believed significant structural damage has been caused as a result of the incident.