Our favourite Lancashire TV-lovers returned to our screens last Friday (17 September) as Gogglebox returned for another series.  

Sophie and Pete Sandiford were back to review the latest movies and television shows that have been intriguing the nation.

However, the Blackpool duo weren’t alone and they were joined with the newest addition to the Sandiford family who made a hilarious entrance.

In the latter half of the episode, Pete was cradling his son and said: "You’re being a very good boy aren't you? Aren't you?"

After a close up of the new born with his dummy, the infant then farts prompting a shocked and laughter-filled reaction from the siblings.



Pete said: "Have you just s***ted? Have you just s***ted? You naughty boy. He doesn't take after his dad doesn't he?"

Sophie agreed before and Pete says "good boy," looking proudly at his son.

Gogglebox fans took to Twitter after the hilarious incident and were quick to comment on it.

Grace said: “He's gorgeous Pete.

“I was all 'omg he's had his baby' last night. After all the sad news it was so nice to see.

“You look well rested too. What's going on with that?

Lancashire Telegraph: The baby boy (Photo: Twitter/@C4Gogglebox/Channel 4)The baby boy (Photo: Twitter/@C4Gogglebox/Channel 4)

Another said it was great to see the newborn, especially after the Gogglebox stars who recently passed away.

They said: “After the recent sad losses from the Gogglebox gang this was even more special to see tonight.”

Jo Collins said: "Hilarious but what a beautiful bubba [sic] so you're excused."

The mother of the baby boy, Paige Lomas, prefers to stay out of the public eye.


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Pete recently told OK! magazine that he married Paige in secret at the National Television Awards which took place earlier this month.

The 26-year-old the magazine:  “I’m married now! It was nerve-wracking but the best day of my life.

“Well, second best day as I’m a dad now, too.”

He added that being a dad is “tiring” adding that tiring “the lack of sleep is not cool but it’s definitely worth it.

“He’s basically a miniature version of me and Paige and that’s what I always wanted so I feel well lucky.”

Pete revealed that he was going to be a dad back in April by posting a humourous picture to his Instagram account.


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He posted a picture of a baby scan with his face photoshopped onto it.

The caption reads: “I do have a hunch the baby might look like me...”.

You can watch Gogglebox on Fridays at 9pm or you can catch up on 4OD.