A woman has captured a video of three RAF Chinook helicopters flying over her house as they carry out their latest military training exercises.

Kath Mac captured a video of the Chinooks and posted it to the a Facebook community group earlier this week (16 September).

She said: “I loved seeing them. We only moved [to Lancashire] from Manchester last week.

“The roof was shaking though.”

In the video you can see and hear three Chinook helicopters flying over Rossendale.

Kath wasn’t the only one to have seen the helicopters either with many people flocking to the comment section to talk about their encounters with the noisy military machines.

Ian Robertshaw said: “Saw what looks like three Chinook helicopters flying over Waterfoot.”

Chris Nolan shared a screenshot from flightradar24, a website which tracks helicopter and plane flight paths. 

He said: “Lots of military aircraft out training today. Nearly every helicopter and plane you see there is military.”

Another said: “Hubby is from Wiltshire so a real treat seeing Chinooks flying over - was daily occurrence down there don’t see many here.”

Fiona Hewitt said: “They flew right over my flat in Newchurch”

Another said: “They flew over our bungalows on Booth Road.”

Nicola Caroleo shared a picture of one of the helicopters as it soared over a house.

Lancashire Telegraph: Chinook helicopter (Photo: Nicola Caroleo)Chinook helicopter (Photo: Nicola Caroleo)

Some locals didn’t see the helicopters – but they certainly heard them.

Joanne Taylor said: “I heard the noise and wondered what it was.”

Chinooks also flew over parts of Manchester yesterday and were out for a training exercise named Chameleon 2-21.



Will the chinook helicopters be back in Lancashire?

An RAF spokesperson said RAF training operations will continue throughout September meaning people in Lancashire might be able to spot a Chinook once again in the coming days.

However, they added that RAF exercises are broad in nature and rarely specific to any region as the helicopters can cover a vast amount of area in a short space of time - so a sighting isn't guaranteed.

Here are some current or planned miliatary helicopter exercises for this month:

Exercise Chameleon 2-21

Dates: 1-17 September. 7am-5am

Exercise Cobra Warrior 21-2
Dates: Various dates from 6-23 September.

Exercise Joint Warrior

RAF Odiham also confirmed that Chinook helicopters will be operating in Northern England over the next few weeks.

They said: “They will be conducting low flying, large formations and tactical operations throughout the day and night.

“Exercise Joint Warrior is an opportunity for personnel across the Joint Helicopter Command to train its people to be the very best, bringing together members of the Royal Navy, RAF and British Army, as well as forces from other nations.”