A REDUNDANT poultry shed on the edge of a township could be turned into a high class tourist chalet.

Farmer Andrew Sanderson hopes to replace the existing cabin, formerly used to rear 1,000 turkeys for Christmas dinner tables, with a two-bedroom self-catering luxury timber lodge as a farm diversification scheme.

He has applied to Hyndburn Council for permission to demolish the existing shed and replace it with the new venture designed to attract tourists at his Meadow Top Farm in Wooley Lane, Baxenden.

The scheme will also include parking for two cars and landscaping with native species hedgerow and trees on the site between Higher Baxenden and north Baxenden Golf Club.

Baxenden ward's Conservative councillor Terry Hurn said: "This is an interesting and unusual scheme.

"You do not normally associate Baxenden with tourism."

Documents submitted with the planning application say: "Meadow Top Farm is owned and managed by Andrew Sanderson.

"Andrew is the second generation of his family to manage the unit which has been in the family for over 70 years.

"The farm extends to 35 acres of improved grassland and supports a herd of beef cattle

"The nature and scale of operations at Meadow Top Farm coupled with falling returns mean that, like many farm businesses, alternative income streams are required.

"For many years the farm reared 1,000 turkeys for the Christmas market in a large timber cabin.

"Diminishing returns and high labour costs of plucking and preparing birds made the enterprise unviable and the cabin has remained redundant.

"This development will include the removal of a 18.3metre by 5.6m timber turkey house; the construction of a fully-accessible two-bedroom self-catering timber lodge; the creation of a stone track and parking/turning area for two cars and landscaping with native species trees and shrubs.

"The lodge will be restricted for tourism.

""A strong network footpaths and public rights of way will attract those who wish to explore the area.

"A part-time job will be created and local businesses will benefit.

"The existing timber cabin serves is not accessible with modern machinery and will not meet modern animal welfare standards.

"The proposed building occupies the same footprint as the cabin.

""Timber walls will have a painted finish (Shire grey) with a standing seam aluminium roof (Anthracite grey).

"The appearance of the proposed building is harmonious with the rural setting.

"The proposed scheme is a well-designed project which will provide quality accommodation for visitors to the area."