THREE streets on a new housing estate are to be named after processes used by the East Lancashire cotton industry.

Councillors have approve the titles for the roads on the new-build residential development located off Balfour Street, Great Harwood.

Hyndburn Council’s street naming committee was given four possible names: Lapping Way, Roving Street, Comber Crescent and Beamer Grove for the 53 home estate.

It dropped Lapping Way and approved the other three.

The new names were the fourth attempt by the housing developer m Urban Life (Manchester) Ltd to come up with names acceptable to the council.

An officers report to the committee said: “The suggested street names are related to the cotton mill that was located once close to the development site and the street names are based on the cotton making process.”

The developer’s first suggestion included names that were too alike - all with ‘Balfour’ as the first word - and its second and third proposals had names that were too similar to other streets in Hyndburn or nearby boroughs.