Sean Dyche will be the manager of Burnley Football Club for four more years. That was the headline we had all been waiting for. The missing piece of the puzzle since Alan Pace and his team at ALK took over the club in January. 

I have been nervous recently, I won’t lie. It hasn’t been an easy start for Dyche and his players this season, with just one point from four games. And 8 points dropped already from winning positions.

Many had voiced concern over, perhaps, a lack of technical flexibility and choice of subs. I had started to wonder whether our new owners would display a hidden ruthless streak and push him out (in the event that he didn’t manage to turn it around).

But this new deal demonstrates that they have complete faith in his ability to keep us moving in the right direction and, importantly, in the top flight.

Performances so far really haven't been that bad to be honest. I thought we were terrific against Leeds and were by far the better side in the first half against Everton.

But we seem to have developed an inability to last a full 90 mins. Lapses in concentration are turning into conceded goals and our famously strong jaw feels, well, a bit soft.

We have been here before, of course, with us needing eight games last season before we picked up that first win. But there is no escaping the reality of this: we go into this weekend needing three points. Against Arsenal. Who are under even more pressure than we are. Pressure I definitely feel we can handle better than them.

I don't say this often, but I am feeling very very confident of a win at the weekend.

The question on everyone’s lips though is “when will we see Cornet?”. While it was certainly no surprise that he remained on the bench on Monday night, we don’t really have the luxury of time. We need him fit - Dyche-fit if need be - asap.

Bringing a defensively-minded Lennon on at 3-1 down was just not the message we needed at Goodison. We need players who can create, who can make things happen and who can change the flow of the game. Cornet will bring that.

If we can just get the season off to a start at the weekend then we can take a nice break and enjoy the Rochdale game with a bit of that weight off our shoulders. Because I do love a cup run and Wembley Way is calling.