MORE than 100 knives have been collected from a town centre 'knife amnesty bin'.

Burnley and Padiham Police took to social media to share a photograph of the 130 knives that had been put into the bin, aimed at taking dangerous weapons off the streets.

A spokesperson for Burnley Police said: "This is what was collected from the Centenary Way knife bin this month.

"130 knives. From kitchen knives to a samurai sword, army style knife and various other bladed articles.

"You may think that this is just a dumping ground for old cutlery but there's statistically more chance of an offender using a standard kitchen knife than a machete or swords in committing crimes where knives are used.

"This bin was funded by the violent crime reduction network. You will see that we have received a significant number of dangerous items which are taken off your streets, keeping you safe."