The Radford family has given fans an exclusive glimpse into their home after renovations were carried out earlier this year.

The gigantic Morecambe family are considered to be the largest in Britain and you might be curious as to how so many people can fit in one house.

 In their newest vlog mum-of-22, Sue, gave fans a look inside the home, which was once a care home, revealing some of their quirky furnishings and space-saving storage solutions.

In the vlog, 46-year-old Sue said: “This is so different to the last house tour and the difference in the house is crazy. I think we’ve pretty much done up every room in the house

“So many of you have been asking about us doing a house tour but we have been very busy doing jobs that needed doing.

“There will always be something that needs doing in this house because it’s so big… but we’re pretty much done.”

Fans are first taken into the vestibule where dozens of shoes and coats can be seen stacked up.

Lancashire Telegraph: Shoes and coats (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Shoes and coats (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Sue explained: “I’m forever clearing this out and having to put them back in pairs”.

Sue then carries on to the dining room where there is a “massive” storage unit to hold cups, flask, crafty bits and other appliances and essentials that the mammoth family might need.

Heading into the kitchen, Sue said: “This is probably the biggest change in the house.

Lancashire Telegraph: The kitchen (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)The kitchen (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

“In the last house tour the kitchen was falling apart and I think I said we were fitting [the central island].”

The newly updated kitchen has a white and grey aesthetic with an eye-catching yellow panel. The central island also has plenty of storage.

The family, who have a baking background with The Radford’s Pie Company, have two ovens and a modern-looking induction hob.

“This room is probably my favourite room in the house,” Sue explained. “This is the room where everybody comes and sits, and talks.”

Sue also lead viewers into the sitting room where they got rid of the “old fireplace” and “awful wallpaper”; it is now decorated with grey paint and a blue and copper feature wall.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Living room (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Living room (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

She even showed us a dumbwaiter which the family had converted into a cupboard.

On the first floor there are four bedrooms.

 Amy, Ellie and Tillie’s bedroom is decorated with grey and pink while Josh and Maxie’s room is adorned with Liverpool football memorabilia and LED lights.

Teenagers, Luke and James, have a bedroom dedicated to gaming and they each have a unique light feature on the wall.

Lancashire Telegraph: Luke and James' room (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Luke and James' room (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Sue explained: “I always like to come in here because Luke has a stash of sweeties.

“If we’re ever craving a bit of chocolate we always know to come into Luke’s room because he’s always got it.”

Heading up another floor, Sue explained that the top level has had most work done with completely new decorations and new windows fitted.

Lancashire Telegraph: The top floorThe top floor

She explained: “This area is area which has had most work done. The whole top of the floor has been redone and it looks amazing.

“The plasterboard was that old it was falling off the wall so it’s all been replastered.

“I love this area it’s so nice and cosy.”

Bonnie, Phoebe and Heidi’s bedroom is fitted with floor to ceiling wardrobes from IKEA which are “absolutely rammed” with clothes.

Lancashire Telegraph: The wardrobe is "rammed" full of clothes (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)The wardrobe is "rammed" full of clothes (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Archie, Casper and Oscar’s room has a feature wall with a picture of a rocket in and the room recently had a window fitted to let more light in.

Sue said: “This is such a different room- it lets in so much light and I just love the wallpaper.”

This floor is also where Sue and Noel sleep. While not much has changed, the room is home to one impressive piece of technology – a TV bed.

Lancashire Telegraph: Sue and Noel's bed (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Sue and Noel's bed (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

As the TV surfaced from the base of the bed, Sue said: “The kids love this. Whenever you don’t know where Hallie and Phoebe are you come up here and know they will be watching telly in our room.

“Me and Noel don’t watch an awful lot of telly in bed but the kids love it.”

She also lead viewers into their newly decorated bathroom which sue describes as “my little haven of peace.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Bathroom (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Bathroom (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Some stand-out features include the bear bath mat and laundry basket, both of which were purchased from Asda.

While heading down the stairs into the basement, Sue said: “You need oxygen by the time you’ve been up and down the stairs in this house.

“As you can imagine carrying all the washing stuff up and down gives me a really good workout.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The basementThe basement

The basement has three bedrooms in total and is where some of the older children sleep; Daniel, Millie, Ophelia and Jack all stay down here.

Sue also revealed plans for a snug area down here filled with beanbags and space for the kids to play on their Xbox.

While the garden wasn't featured in Sue's newest vlog, it's just as impressive as the home's interiors.


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As well as a hot tub, it also boasts a pizza oven and outdoor cinema. 

Last summer they even had an outdoor bar fitted so they could enjoy a drink during lockdown.


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Posting to Instagram they wrote: "Radford’s bar is officially open.

"So chuffed with this bar and can’t wait to have our friends round when we are allowed."

You can watch the full house tour over on The Radford Family’s YouTube channel.