THE headlines that wagon drivers are to get £1,000 per week is surely to be followed by nurses are to get £2,000 per week and children’s pocket money is to increase along with inflation to £20,000 per year.

Which wagon drivers are these and at what cost to the public?

Surely this is one of the most misleading headlines I have read for an awful long time.

What company can afford to pay truck drivers a £1,000 per week?

Drivers can only drive a certain amount of hours in a day and included in that working day is time spent loading etc and many drivers face long periods of not getting anywhere fast with our less than perfect road system.

Okay, I accept those driving abroad and carrying hazardous loads etc should be paid this and more but for small companies this is “pie in the sky”.

I also hear that the HGV test is going to be made easier and quicker to pass. HGV trucks are a deadly weapon in the wrong hands but looking at those wages, doctors, teachers, company directors, even candle stick makers, will be clamouring to be Yorkie chomping wheel tapping Waylon Jennings CB shouting “There’s a smokey on your tail, that’s a big four, come-on drivers that’s over and out”.

John Cumberland