A MAN who threw slates at police from the roof of a bail hostel during a four-hour "siege" has been jailed.

Blackburn magistrates heard Ashley Lord caused extensive damage during his time on the roof of Highfield House in Accrington on Sunday.

Lord, 29, formerly of the hostel, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the roof and windows. He was jailed for six months.

Stacey Morrow, prosecuting, said the incident started at 3pm at the probation hostel.

Lord believed he had been treated unfairly and climbed onto the roof in an agitated state.

"He was not arrested until shortly before 7pm and during that time police, ambulance and fire personnel were deployed at the scene," said Miss Morrow.

"He smashed a number of skylights and threw tiles from the roof while making demands and threats."

Miss Morrow said a police vehicle was hit with tiles and an officer was sprayed with broken glass but had not been injured.

"It is believed the damage would amount to more than £10,000," said Miss Morrow.

"Residents were evacuated and emergency services tied up for over three hours."

Gareth Price, defending, said as a result of the incident his client had been recalled to prison where he would remain until December 2022.

Mr Price said following his release from prison Lord had been sent to a hostel in Carlisle but there were issues there and he was moved to Accrington.

"He was told that was only temporary and he had to find his own accommodation," said Mr Price. "He was concerned that if he was homeless he would be recalled on his prison licence.

"He was also concerned at being at Highfield House which is home to a number of people with sexual convictions."