A PUB has a message for customers who fail to show up to their bookings after several ‘no-shows’ at the weekend.

The Woolpack pub in Haslingden bosses said they were hugely disappointed at the weekend after six people failed to show up for their table bookings at one of the pub’s special events.

Steak night at The Woolpack is only held once a month. With the popular deal, customers can get two steaks and a bottle of wine for £25 and it is always a sell-out event.

Landlord, Keith Murray, said: “It’s a popular event and it’s usually sold out within a day or two of being advertised.

“Because of the ‘no-shows’ on Saturday (11 September) we lost £75 minimum in revenue.

“The thing is, we could have easily sold the table three times over as we are always massively oversubscribed for that day.”

Senior line manager, Sophie Marsden, was frustrated by the no-shows and took to social media to explain to others just how much of an impact this can have on small businesses, especially after the pandemic.

She wrote: “No-shows are a massive, unwelcome problem for all pubs and restaurants.

“As one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, the financial impact of no-shows is one the industry can’t afford right now.

“We understand plans may change or things may come up and that’s totally fine, we just ask you ring us in advance to just let us know.

“It’s hugely disappointing that for our first steak night back since Covid, which was fully booked last night, we had a few no-shows.

“When we’ve turned so many people away wanting a space, we have the cost of extra staff and the cost of the food and time of preparing, this is massively disheartening and detrimental to us.

“Small family run businesses like ours just want to get back to the normality of pre Covid times and for us all to enjoy ourselves again!”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, she explained that ‘no-shows’ aren't just a problem for special events as 20 people or more will fail to show up to various bookings each month.

She added: “It’s disheartening that people can’t find time in the day to message us or ring ahead and say they can’t make it.

“Customers don’t realise that at the other end of a Facebook page there is a business that’s struggling to do well after lockdown.”

She said she thought people might be booking to secure the option of going for a meal but then it leaves staff frantically chasing them when they don't show.

She added: “Please have some common decency just to let us know in advance if you have to cancel.”

According to new research by hospitality technology firm, Zonal, No-shows cost the hospitality industry an estimated £17.6 billion in lost sales every year.

It also found that one in seven customers don’t turn up for their bookings and one in every eight customers is more likely to no-show than they were before the pandemic.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, said: “No-shows have been a blight on the industry for many, many years, but with tens of thousands of hospitality businesses in such a fragile state following prolonged periods of closure and heavily-restricted trading, they are currently deeply damaging to venues. 

“Our pubs, bars and restaurants deserve our support.”


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