A council has issued a warning about a number of emergency roadworks that are being carried out within a borough.

On Tuesday, Blackburn with Darwen Council were notified of the immediate works that needed to be undertaken, which they say were 'outside of their control'.

United Utilities have placed multi-way traffic signals on Billinge Avenue at the junction with Gorse Road so they can fix a leaking water main.

The works are expected to be finished by midnight on Wednesday but the council are advising commuters that their journey times may be affected.

There are also emergency works being carried out on Livesey Branch Road outside number 247, for a similar issue.

The leaking water main on Livesey Branch Road is expected to be fixed by Thursday.

A spokesperson for Blackburn with Darwen Council's roads department said: "We have been notified of immediate/emergency roadworks which may impact your commute within the borough.

"Immediate or emergency work can be required for a number of reasons:

"Emergency works are required to end or prevent circumstances which may be existing or imminent, that might cause damage to people or property.

"Immediate are works required to prevent or put an end to an unplanned interruption of any supply or service.

"Due to the nature of these types of work, the utility company has started works straight away and notified us within the legally permitted timescales of two working hours.

"In instances of works taking place out of hours, this is by 10am the next working day.

"This can lead to circumstances where other planned roadworks already in progress nearby can cause a conflict.

"This is outside of our control, we do however, do what we can to mitigate the impact.

"This can range from requesting manual control of traffic management to keep the network flowing, reduced work durations, adjusting existing traffic management and in the most extreme cases, ordering works to stop."

Basic details of the immediate/emergency works are below with further information available at bit.ly/BwithDRW for not only these works, but all road works within the borough.

Traffic has also been disrupted along Preston New Road, for more than three weeks, with the placement of five sets of temporary traffic lights between Yew Tree Drive and Samlesbury, causing congestion during the morning and evening rush hours.

The works, being undertaken by Electricity North West were due to be completed last Friday, but there still remains three sets of temporary lights along that busy stretch of road, affecting traffic coming into and leaving Blackburn.