A COUNCILLOR has warned motorists that driving the wrong way up a back street in an East Lancashire town is 'highly dangerous'.

Cllr Dave Smith said residents who spot cars misusing Bank Bottom in Darwen, which has no pavement, should report their number plate to the police.

He said the problem was long-standing and he had even got the faded 'No Entry' signs replaced with new ones in a bid to tackle the issue.

Darwen West ward's Cllr Smith was responding to a worried resident.

The resident emailed him to say: "Are you aware of the issue of drivers driving the wrong way down Bank Bottom (between the The Belgrave pub and Trinity School).

"I've heard several people mention it to me more than once.

"There is going to be an accident sooner or later if people keep doing it."

Cllr Smith said: "Yes I am.

"This has been going on sporadically for years.

"About three or four years ago I received a few complaints and got the old 'no entry' sign replaced (it was faded) plus the ‘no entry’ markings on the highway.

"Any driver going the wrong way should not be driving in my opinion as the signs are so clear and obvious that they must have an eyesight problem !

"If you can get the number-plate of any vehicle going the wrong way then please report to the police as it’s a highly dangerous manoeuvre – especially given that there is no pavement."