AN intoxicated mother who attended a child’s birthday party punched the host in the head and kicked her.

Laura Spencer, who appeared to be ‘under the influence of drink or drugs’, had been flicking her victim’s ear and whipping her with a wet T-shirt before she grabbed her by the hair and punched her.

Preston Crown Court heard victim Carla Abraham was hosting a party for her 10-year-old son at home in Colne on October 10, a Saturday afternoon.

Prosecuting, Andrew Evans said all guests had been asked not to bring alcohol, yet Spencer, now of Munster Avenue, Blackpool, was seen drinking a can of cider.

Mr Evans said, at the time, the 41-year-old was also the subject of a suspended sentence which had been imposed on May 27.

He said: “The defendant was invited as she was a long-term friend of Ms Abraham, being the sister of her ex-partner.

“Ms Spencer was described as being under the influence when she arrived with her partner at 1.30pm.

"Ms Abraham had formed the opinion that she had taken drugs. Later she saw that the defendant had a can of cider when she had asked guests not to bring alcohol. She did not bring it up as she didn’t want anything to ruin her son’s party.

“The defendant then set out to antagonise Ms Abraham, flicking her ear and using a wet T-shirt to whip across her back. Despite Ms Abraham’s efforts to laugh it off, the defendant persisted.

“Eventually she took her to one side and told her 'if you carry on, you can leave'. To which the defendant responded ‘this is my f****** dad’s house – you can leave’.”

Spencer accepted that she had hit Ms Abraham with a wet shirt she had taken from a child after a party game. She states this had caused the victim to ‘become angry’ and that it was this anger that prompted the defendant to grab her by the hair and deliver a punch and kick ‘in fear of being assaulted’.

The court heard how the incident caused the children to flee.

Spencer, who pleaded guilty to assault by beating and breaching a suspended sentence order, has 21 convictions for 31 offences going back to 1998, including assaults, dishonesty and breaches.

Sentencing, Judge Simon Medland QC said it would be the ‘easiest thing in the world’ for him to activate the suspended sentence, but he said he ‘wasn’t sure what it would achieve’.

Judge Medland QC said: “Your record shows that if you’re not using drugs or drinking, you can lead a normal, stable life and the probation service can only help you. They can’t themselves keep you off drink or drugs – that has to come from within you.

“You will have heard judges of all sorts no doubt telling you these sorts of things over the years but the offence for which you have to be sentenced was itself almost a year ago and since then there has not really been any problem.

“Your priorities in life, apart from your own health and not causing trouble for other people, must be your children and I am sure that weighs on your mind.”

Judge Medland added a 20-day rehabilitation requirement order to the suspended sentence which is already running, and a drug rehabilitation requirement.

He added: “That means that the suspended sentence is still running against you and so if you breach it, I think that would really have to be the end of the road.

“If that happens, there is only one person to blame – yourself.”