BRITAIN’S largest family has left some of their fans in stitches after they posted some pictures of their outdoor home improvements to social media.

Posting to their Instagram account, the Morecambe family posted a seemingly innocent picture of a fence surrounded by freshly painted bollards.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)(Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)

The Instagram post was accompanied with the caption: “They do look so much better painted”.

However, fans were quick to point out that the fence looks like something much more phallic.

One fan messaged the family and wrote “They are very k*** like! Very nice though”.

Another messaged them, writing: “Good job you didn’t paint them pink”.

The family saw the funny side of the comments, writing: “your messages are killing me this morning.”

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)(Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)

They added that they received a “few messages” all saying the same thing about the fence.

Thankfully, the rest of the Radford’s home improvements are going well.

The renovations began in January of this year where they announced plans to have their roof fixed.

More recently, they have been targeting their outdoor area by building walls around the children’s play area.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)(Photo: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)

The family even constructed a gorgeous flower walls which Sue made from artificial grass and foliage.

Away from home, The Radfords have also been making improvements on their new bakery.

In a vlog posted earlier this month, Noel Radford, took us on a tour of the bakery to show its improvement.

He said: “I didn’t expect this much to be done in a day!”

In the video, some walls have been constructed and the foundations of the new bakery have started to be laid.

However, they also added that the final construction date of the factory has to be delayed due to delivery shortages "due to Brexit".

Keep up-to-date with the Radford family’s adventures on their Instagram page.

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