A dad-of-two has broken two world records on his racing scooter - beating one record by over two minutes.

Craig Holden from Waddington believes he has logged the fastest mile and furthest distance in an hour on his racing scooter but is currently awaiting official confirmation from Guinness that he passed the world record.

The 49-year-old father of twins was originally inspired while sitting with his boys Ethan and Lucas, reading the Guinness World Record Book, when one of the boys asked if he could attempt a world record.

Craig spent six months training before attempting the record attempts on August 20 at Seedhill Athletics Track in Barrowford.

Craig said: “I have tried so hard and I am just happy it has worked out.

“My boys are so proud, they keep telling everyone they see that their dad is a double world record holder.

“I just wanted to show my boys what is possible.

“As you get older you realise that somethings are achievable if you prepare yourself and set goals.”

The record that Craig believes he has set for travelling a mile on a scooter is three minutes and 52.97 seconds while the record he believes he has achieved for the furthest distance travelled in an hour is 20.946km.

The previous world record for travelling a mile on a scooter was six minutes and 15.81 seconds while the record for the furthest distance travelled in an hour was 12km.

Craig added: “I really put my heart and soul into it.

“I did hundreds of miles. I did strength and fitness training

“I didn’t want to just break them, everything I do I want to do my best at it.”

A huge number of his family, friends and work colleagues joined him on August 20 to cheer him on and celebrate his achievement.

He also needed a number of volunteers and helpers to ensure the record could be officially recorded to be sent away to Guinness and he has thanked everyone who helped him in his endeavour.