I AM sorry, but listening to some of the politicians talking about social care costs and the suggestion of putting the cost on to national insurance; the way some of them are talking I think they will be needing to go into care shortly.

The issue of social care has needed to be addressed for many years and time and again those in government have avoided sorting it out. Now the government seems to be serious about finding a solution we have heard some of the rubbish being spouted by supposedly senior politicians and ex-government ministers.

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but unfortunately we all have to and it is important that we (the country) pay the right amount of taxes to fund the spending for the correct type of country that we all want. But then a lot of these conservatives and other politicians are the ones with their snouts in the troughs of big business and stashing all their money in offshore Caribbean islands.

We keep hearing that the Conservative party manifesto said that they would not raise taxes. The conservative party manifesto did not mention Covid-19 and the changes that it has made to the country. Manifestos look forward from a particular point in time and cannot foresee the future. They have to be changed to take into account these future events. Any politician that cannot see that should not be in government and possibly be in a care home.

The Labour party also seems to be similarly out of touch. They want to throw billions at the care crisis but object to finding a way of funding it. Maybe their answer is to just shake the magic money tree that they used to when they were in office. Sorry it was not that Labour party in office, it was the other Labour party that was in office at the time.

Michael Albin