FIFTEEN years after writing his first autobiography, comedian Peter Kay has got round to recording it as an audiobook.

And, he revealed that the experience has led him to start writing another memoir covering his TV career.

The Bolton-born funny man said he had been approached to record The Sound of Laughter in an effort to cheer people up a bit during the pandemic.

“Hopefully it’ll lift people’s spirits,” he said. “We all need a laugh.”

The Sound of Laughter was written in 2006 as remains the biggest selling British autobiography in hardback of all time.

And yet, Peter never envisaged writing a book.

“That was the last thing I wanted,” he said, “but I found out that a book was already being written about me. I wasn’t happy so decided to write my own.

“If anybody was going to write about me, I thought I’d probably be the best person to do it.

“I recorded the first chapter and brought it out for charity but never got round to recording the rest of the book. I suppose life just got in the way.”

Working with Audible, Peter recorded The Sound of Laughter at home.

“That made everything much more relaxed,” he said. “I could record at my own pace and that made the whole experience much more fun as I was able to drift off the subject matter and have a different view about it all these years later.

“I’d never read the book since I wrote it in 2006. It was fascinating, like reading something that somebody else had written. Although weirdly, even though I knew what was coming next, I’d forgotten so much of what I’d written.

“I felt completely out of my depth when I wrote it. I remember sitting in my kitchen every day, blue skies outside and there I was typing away. I spent the first few weeks constantly clicking on the thesaurus, looking for better words.

“I was so self-conscious, I didn’t even have my English GCSE but then slowly I began to find my own voice, and everything began falling into place.”

A second book, Saturday Night Peter followed and now fans can look forward to a third offering.

“Within the first few chapters of recording, I was inspired to start to write a third book,” Peter revealed. “I had the idea about 10 years ago. All about working in TV. From when I started doing bit parts in Coronation Street right up to Car Share.

“It’s been a real joy recalling the memories. There’s over 20 years of stories about filming series like Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy’s Road To Nowhere. Appearing on chat shows like Parkinson, at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and sharing letters from Ronnie Barker.

“I’m very proud of it. I’ll no doubt be recording that book too before you know it.”

Peter Kay’s The Sound of Laughter is available to download from Thursday, September 16 (for Audible members, or for free as part of a 30 day trial)