BRITAIN’S largest family paid a visit to an East Lancashire farm recently and they documented their visit in a video which they posted on their social media channel.

Some family members headed to Mrs Dowson's Farm in Clayton-le-Dale after hearing great reviews about it.

The family-run farm is a popular attraction, known for its unique activities, farm animals and famous ice cream.

In the YouTube vlog, mum Sue, said: We are at Mrs Dowson's farm. Never been here before but we’ve read some good reviews so we are looking forward to having a look around.”

In the vlog the happy children can be seen feeding the animals and looking at them from the fence.

Some of the kids even took part in a goat feeding session with two goats, Gordon and Ramsay.

The little ones enjoyed a play at the park and in the sand pit.

Lancashire Telegraph: Kids in the sand pit (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Kids in the sand pit (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

The Radfords also got to enjoy some of the farm’s famous ice cream.

Ophelia, 11 months, was clearly a fan of the chocolate ice cream and she was filmed with a chocolatey face.

Lancashire Telegraph: Ophelia (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Ophelia (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Millie, 19, said staff were shocked at the huge ice cream order the family put in.

She said: “The man said ‘oh crikey how many of you are there’. I replied ‘I actually don’t know’.”

However, one moment stood out from the vlog and left the family – and many Radford Family fans – in stitches.

The hilarious clips gives the viewers and children an honest look into farm life.

In the clip, parents Sue and Noel, can be seen “trying to distract” kids from watching two alpacas that were ‘playing together’ at the farm.

Pointing to the alpacas, Sue said: “That situation there is definitely, as Oscar said, not child friendly.”

Some of the children were laughing at the scene as the alpacas ‘played’ together.

“Yeah they’re just playing,” said Sue. “Look at this baby [alpaca], look,” she said trying to distract them.

Lancashire Telegraph: The alpacas 'playing' at the farm (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)The alpacas 'playing' at the farm (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

One of the children asked: “Why is it on its own with that one?”

“I can’t even cope!” Sue laughed.

“You’re interrupting me!” screamed one of the teenage girls imitating the alpaca.

Noel asked: “Where’s David Attenborough when you need him?”

“Let’s move along down there,” Sue added. “Nothing to see, let’s go.”

Radford Family fans found the clip hilarious and took to the comments to talk about it.

One person said: “Howling!” to which the Radford Family replied: “This wasn’t even the half of it, it was hilarious.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Noel (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)Noel (Photo: YouTube/The Radford Family)

Another shared their own story and said: “When my mum was a teacher she took her class on a nature walk and saw two dogs in a garden.

“She tried distracting the kids but one little lad shouted ‘Miss, look, a double decker dog’”

“They'd been doing it all day,” said another “We were just leaving as you were arriving.”

You can watch the full video over on The Radford Family YouTube channel.

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