Yet another shop has closed in the Blackburn Mall. What with empty market stalls and Mall shops closing, Blackburn town centre could end up like a ghost town.

I know the pandemic has played a part in this but people’s shopping habits have also changed. People are now shopping in the large retail parks that are springing up which are open till late and people are not paying for parking so they are not always clock watching in case they run out of parking time.

I recently went to Bury Market - what a market that is with vibrant stalls selling everything you could want both inside and out. The whole place had a good atmosphere and I shall be returning soon.

I ask myself why did Blackburn not generate something like Bury Market before building our new market which has not been a good market for years?

A market like Bury in Blackburn would generate a lot of money for this town so the council needs to get a grip on things before it is too late

Maybe it is high rents and parking charges that are the problem.

I don’t think relying on the night time scene is going to improve things as people are going to Preston and Manchester and Liverpool for a good night out and even stay overnight.

Certainly I don’t think there is one nightclub left in Blackburn any more. I rest my case.

Wandering Walter.