A remarkable young boy who busked his way around all 51 of England's cities in just 22 days has smashed his fundraising target by a country mile.

By completing the mammoth task, Jacob Reddy from Blackburn managed to raise just over £8,200 for Derian House, the children's hospice that cared for his brother Joseph (who would have been 21 this month) after Joseph contracted meningitis at just one month old.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jacob Reddy singing Happy Birthday in Cambridge

The original target was set at £2,500 but Jacob achieved that amount in little over a week, and readjusted it to £5,000.

But thanks to two donations of £500 on JustGiving, the 16-year-old managed to smash that target with just five days to go, with more donations pouring in over the final few days.

Lancashire Telegraph: Meeting the MP and mayor in Salford

His father, Anthony Reddy said: "Jacob has been overwhelmed by the generosity of people throughout the tour.

"During the tour itself, there were so many fantastic donations.

"Members of the public were chatting to Jacob, congratulating him and even joining in with his songs

"He met his YouTube hero Jaackmaate in Norwich, was shouted out by his musical hero, Frank Turner at his gig at the O2 Apollo, was interviewed by various BBC Radio stations as well as Granada Reports, and was asked to play a gig at a bar in Gloucester."

Lancashire Telegraph: Jacob Reddy with little Jacob Reddy in Manchester

Jacob was joined by friends in different cities along the way, some of whom played alongside him, but the tour wasn't without its obstacles.

Mr Reddy said four of the cities were rained-off, one was so windy that they almost lost equipment, the busking trolley broke on day 10, Jacob's guitar handle almost snapped on day 11, they left a guitar in a car park in Exeter before it was handed in to a nearby pub, and after taking a wrong turn from Chester to Stoke, somehow ended up in Wales.

Jacob's dad continued: "At the end Jacob felt exhausted but exhilarated.

"Some days were harder than others - the three-cities in one day were sometimes quite a slog, but as soon as he started performing in each city, the fatigue disappeared.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jacob Reddy and his friend Miles in Liverpool

"On the final day, he was very glad to have finished and was looking forward to getting back on the X-Box, but he was also sad that the three week adventure was over.

"Most of all he was delighted to have raised so much money for Derian House Children's Hospice.

"Joseph spent much of his life at Derian before he passed away just before his third birthday, and they made a very difficult time so much easier, giving Joseph and us so many happy times and memories."

Lancashire Telegraph: Jacob Reddy busking in Exeter

Even though the challenge was a lot harder than expected - with logistics often delaying the performances, meaning they were sometimes only arriving at their hotels at 10 or 11pm - Jacob said he'd love to do something like this again...but not for a while, and maybe on a smaller scale.

Mr Reddy added: "The most generous city was Lancaster but his favourites were Truro (where he played to an audience sat around on benches while he stood in the centre of the city square), and Hereford, where the local teenagers treated him like a celebrity.

"He made the least money in Stoke, and the most disappointing cities were Bristol (loads of people - very few donations) and Sheffield."

Lancashire Telegraph: Jacob Reddy at Stonehenge

Money raised from the busking tour came to £3,300 with £4,900 being donated via JustGiving.

Jacob has a homecoming gig on Friday September 10 from 9pm at Keystreet in Clitheroe, where he'll be having a final whipround for Derian House.

To donate, visit: justgiving.com/fundraising/buskingjacob