Police have released an image and issued a stark warning after a teenage boy was spotted on top of Burnley Market Hall.

On Friday afternoon, officers working in Burnley said they were getting more and more reports of children climbing on top of and running across roofs in Burnley town centre.

The image, posted on the police Facebook page shows a young lad in shorts on the roof of Burnley Market Hall.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Know the dangers of climbing on roofs, buildings or scaffolding.

"We are getting more and more reports of kids running and climbing on roofs in and around the town centre of Burnley.

"There's not just the risk of falling off but other factors to think about - how much damage is being caused to people's property?

"How many emergency services are being called?

"Is it the police, fire service or even an ambulance?

"We don't want to be knocking on your door telling you that your child has fallen from a roof.

"Think about the dangers."