Anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and criminal activity top the list of issues residents in an East Lancashire town want the police to better deal with.

On Friday, Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, met with Burnley and Padiham MP, Antony Higginbotham, councillor Alan Hosker, and members of Burnley and Padiham police to discuss issues that affect the Padiham community.

While on a walkabout in the town, Mr Snowden heard about a wide range of problems which were raised by both the MP and councillor, including anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and criminal activity in the town.

Mr Snowden heard how efforts to deal with anti-social behaviour, especially around Padiham baths were being dealt with, and plans for neighbourhood officers to use Padiham police station as a base.

Speaking to Padiham's police officers, Mr Snowden re-stated his commitment to making sure that the police can concentrate on the issues that matter to Lancashire's residents by freeing them up from dealing with non-police related call outs.

Mr Snowden said: "Hearing from Padiham's residents, its MP and councillors show how important it is for the town to have neighbourhood policing at the heart of dealing with antisocial behaviour, dangerous driving and persistent low level crime that blights our communities.

"I am committed to cracking down on antisocial behaviour and making sure that the police tackle the criminals who seek to commit criminal activities in our towns and cities.

"I want our police to be able to focus on tackling crime and antisocial behaviour rather than having to deal with calls for service which aren’t police related and take them away from keeping our communities safe from criminals."

Burnley and Padiham MP, Antony Higginbotham said "It was brilliant to welcome our new Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden to Burnley and Padiham to talk about the work that is currently underway to crackdown on those involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.

"This is an issue that many residents have raised and I know Andrew is just as determined as I am to see those who cause misery in our communities brought to task.

"Part of that is the extra front-line police officers that are being delivered but also about tougher sentences for those who commit the worst crimes.

"People in Burnley and Padiham deserve to live their lives free from the fear of crime and I’ll always back our police with the funding, powers and resources they need to keep us safe”.