A PARISH councillor has been banned from all leisure centres owned by the district authority in a borough.

Manzar Iqbal is ‘angry, annoyed and disappointed’ at the decision which follows a dispute last month over the use of gym equipment at Pendle Wavelengths in Nelson.

The Labour politician, who represents Carr Hall on Barrowford Parish Council, has had his membership of Pendle Leisure Trust cancelled.

It followed an investigation by the trust’s chief executive Alison Goode and the centre’s operations manager Quammer Iqbal.

The sequence of events started on Tuesday August 24 when Cllr Iqbal had a dispute with a leisure centre member over the use of a piece of gym equipment.

Cllr Iqbal claimed the other member became ‘very aggressive’ and swore at him in breach of the trust’s code of conduct.

He then complained to Ms Goode.

Both members were suspended while the investigation took place and now Cllr Iqbal has had his trust membership cancelled and is barred from using Wavelengths and its other centres across the borough which it operates on behalf of owner Pendle Council.

Cllr Iqbal said: “I am very angry, annoyed and disappointed.

“The findings of the investigation are unfair and unjust.

“It found me guilty for raising a complaint in good faith.”

Ms Goode’s letter banning Cllr Iqbal says this was just the latest incident involving him.

It said she had viewed CCTV of the incident and taken witness statements.

The letter says: “Whilst I am in no doubt that the customer involved did swear at you there is conflicting information on some of the statements which do not agree with some of the points in your formal complaint.

“According to witnesses the gentleman was not aggressive nor did he threaten to punch you.

“I feel that if a common sense approach by both parties had been followed then this incident could have been avoided.

“Because of the constant issues and incidents involving you over the years your membership of the trust is cancelled forthwith and I ask that you refrain from using the trust’s facilities in future.”

Cllr Iqbal has called for a re-investigation of his complaint and an inquiry into Ms Goode’s handling of it.

He said: “She did not focus on my complaint but alternatively brought up past alleged issues which at the time I totally denied.”

A spokeswoman for the trust said: “Pendle Leisure Trust strongly refutes all allegations made by Mr Iqbal and stands by its decision to permanently exclude him from the trust’s facilities.”

The trust declined to comment on any disciplinary action against the other individual involved in the dispute.