I was always under the impression that regulator Ofgen’s remit was to protect energy consumers notably vulnerable people by ensuring that they are treated fairly And tariffs would be kept as low as possible.

However, to my horror, I now discover that they have caved in to energy suppliers following their bleating about how wholesale costs have soared and have agreed to raise the cap for the second time in six months.

This comes despite Covid’s blow to many incomes and the Universal Credit cut in October which will see millions of households struggling to pay the soaring energy costs.

Average energy prices will see an annual increase of £139, £159 if you re on a pre-payment meter taking take effect from October 2021.

These rises couldn’t come at a worse time for the many households struggling to make ends meet on an often daily basis. Many, including the elderly,will have to make the choice of “Do we eat?” or “Do we heat our home?”

A spokesman for the PM said the best way for consumers to keep their energy bills down is to shop around for the cheapest tariffs. That is not always possible, especially for many elderly people.

It looks like it will be a very challenging winter for many households as more and more people are set to fall into debt arrears.

Mrs L M Jackson