A prolific offender stole a number of items of sentiment, including war medals and a wedding ring and engagement ring.

Preston Crown Court heard how Connor Dewhurst, 25, was on bail when he broke into a woman’s house on West Crescent, Accrington.

Dewhurst and his accomplice Daniel Beardsworth, 32, smashed a window of a house with a rock on September 7, 2020.

At the time, the occupant, Lindsay Yates, was out with a friend and when she returned at about 3pm, she was devastated to see the back window of her home smashed and a rock on the floor.

The burglars stole a safe, bottles of alcohol, three crystal bangles, two rings, Pandora jewellery, earrings, and a women's mountain bike - moving them from the home using a blue wheelie bin.

Prosecuting the case, Stephen Parker said: "She contacted the police and also posted on Facebook in the hopes that someone might see that and assist her."

A member of the public came forward to say that they found a few of the items, most notably a collection of war medals which has been passed down through the family.

Dewhurst is already serving a four-year sentence in HMP Preston after beating someone up and stabbing another person outside The Sun on Astley Gate in Blackburn.

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He also has a string of previous offences, 13 of which were for a 'dwelling burglary'.

Anna Chestnut, defending, said that Dewhurst has sought rehabilitation since being in prison, which has included him seeking drug rehabilitation and completing a level one qualification in English and maths.

He has also officially been diagnosed and is on medication for PTSD which stemmed from a difficult family upbringing including the death of his brother.

She also said that at the time of the offence, Dewhurst did not have a proper address and was 'desperate'.

She said: "This offence was born out of desperate circumstances but Mr Dewhurst realises that Ms Yates would have been distraught coming house and seeing her house burgled."

Judge Phillip Parry, who also sentenced Dewhurst back in April, argued that, despite the burglary being listed just three days after the sentencing for the assaults and knife attack, he never made the judge aware that he was set to be trialled for another offence.

Judge Parry said: "He knew he was in court three days later when he was sentenced for a number of violent matters. He kept quiet deliberately."

He later added: "You have been in court many, many previous times - 23 times - and you are still only 25-years of age.

"You have convictions for 13 dwelling house burglaries starting as early as 2007."

Dewhurst, formerly of Silverdale Close, Blackburn, was sentenced to two years and 10 months with will run consecutively with his current sentence.

He will serve a maximum of half the sentence, with the remainder to be served on licence.