THE RED Arrows lit up the Lancashire skies this weekend jetting over Blackpool on the way to their Lincolnshire base.

While the team did not perform a full airshow over Lancashire, people were still invited to catch a glimpse of the famous aeroplanes as they left Blackpool Airport on Saturday August 28.

The team arrived at 11.30am and left for the Isle of Man Airshow at 2.12pm before later flying back into Blackpool Airport at around 3pm, and departing again at 5.30pm with local residents on hand to take photos.

Squadron Leader Tom Bould, who is leading the team throughout this latest season, said: "It is an honour to be leading the Red Arrows for the 2021 display season, which will be my first as Team Leader.

"My team and I will be showcasing, across the UK and overseas, a world-leading aerobatic display, representing the best of British.

"Months of hard work and preparation, by pilots and support personnel, go into a Red Arrows performance that will both uphold, and build upon, the distinguished history and legacy of our predecessors.

"However, the pride and privilege of creating such a show, aimed at inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds, is a perfect motivator."

The Red Arrows, officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, are a team of aerobatic aircraft fliers who are currently based in Scampton.

Their aim is to showcase the skills of their pilots and also inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with a display of precision and teamwork, both in the air and on the ground.

With its famous diamond nine formation, the Red Arrows have been performing their displays since 1965.

After having performed at the Isle of Man, Manx FM, Super Manx event over the bank holiday weekend, the Red Arrows will next be showcased at the Bournemouth Air Festival, the Guernsey Air Display, the Jersey International Air Display and the International Sanicole Air Show over the Autumn.