FORMER Love Island star, Olivia Atwood, has shared a glimpse into her relationship with Blackburn Rovers footballer, Bradley Dack.

On her Instagram story, Olivia answered some questions sent in by some of her new followers.

In the Q and A, she answered many questions about her relationship with fiancé, Bradley Dack.

Over on her Instagram account she wrote: “I’m thinking because of some of my DM questions that lots of you are new here.

“Let’s do a little Q&A for just the new kids? (Day 1 huns will know the answers to all these).”

She posted a picture of her and Bradley sharing a kiss, confirming that they are engaged.

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)

One person asked: “When you get married will you keep your surname, be Dack, or be Dack-Attwood.”

She replied: “I do like Attwood-Dack… but let’s see”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Attwood trying on a wedding dress (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)Olivia Attwood trying on a wedding dress (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)

In the post you can also see a snap of Olivia in a stunning backless wedding dress with a long train.

Olivia also divulged into her and Bradley’s relationship before Love Island.

She said she met Dack at “a night club in the West End” adding that a mutual friend introduced them.

They were dating on and off for around 3-4 months before Love Island.

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Attwood (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)Olivia Attwood (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)

Ms Attwood also revealed that Bradley was the ex she was talking about during her introduction to Love Island.

She added: “Funny how life works out isn’t it…”

One person asked the 30-year-old to post some pictures of her and Bradley in the “early days”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack (Photo: Instagram/ oliviajade_attwood)

She shared a snap of the baby-faced couple before she found fame on the reality show.

Olivia added: “We actually have so few because we weren’t in a proper relationship like that where we took pictures to be honest.”


Olivia also posted an Instagram reel to her page which showcased some memories she shared with Bradley in the relationship.

In the shot clip the duo are seen on dates, in photoshoots, dancing in a club and more.

We also see a clip of Bradley in action on the pitch.

The video is entitled “If you saw a preview of your relationship before your first date, would you go?”

Olivia responded: “Me - yes! But would make sure I had a good therapist on standby.

“Also can’t believe how much I enjoy a reel trend moment, who am I.”

Her followers flocked to the comment section to discuss the video.

One person said: “She met her match!”

Another commented: “This is love.”

“Olivia, you and Brad make a great couple,” wrote another. “Keep being how you are – you’re a beaut Brad is a lucky chap.”

Olivia and Bradley announced their engagement back in October 2019.

Posting to her social media account, she wrote: “He must be crazy... Here’s to forever . I love you BD.”

In ITV show, Olivia Meets Her Match, the duo revealed that their wedding is postponed until 2022 as a result of coronavirus restrictions.


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