A MID-TERRACE in Clitheroe has become a technology powerhouse after three women from the same family took to home working during the pandemic.

Tracy Butler, 58, and her daughters Rosie, 27, and Ella, 23, all work for EMIS, which provides software to the NHS and has played a huge part in supporting the NHS’s response to the pandemic.

While many families would have struggled with three adults working around the same dining room table, the Butlers say they have created a female powerhouse of positivity and empowerment – and are hoping to keep it that way!

Tracy, who is Head of Group IT for EMIS, said: “I think a lot of people would expect us to say that’s it been difficult with three women trapped in one house, but we’ve really enjoyed it!

“Even though we work for the same company we don’t work alongside one another in the office, so we’ve become much more involved in what we are all doing and have been able to bounce things off each other.

"Working from home has enabled us to have a better understanding of each other’s roles and to bounce ideas off each other - it’s become an unexpected mini collaboration hub.”