CORONATION STREET residents will need to guzzle over 7,000 pints or over 24,000 bags of pork scratchings to keep the Rovers Return in business, financial experts have revealed.

Data analysis has revealed that the fictional pub would have totted up a bill of £19,461 in lockdown, due to rental costs and staff salaries that won’t have been covered in full during lockdown due to the pub being forced to close.

Weatherfield residents had better clear their schedules, as experts estimate the characters will need to consume the following number of extra drinks or snacks in order to help the pub recover lost lockdown costs:

● A whopping 24,026 packets of pork scratchings

● Or 21,624 packets of crisps or nuts

● Or 11,448 glasses of fruit juice

● Or 9,730 draught milds

● Or 9,401 bottles of cola

● Or 7,485 extra pints of bitter

● Or 5,897 glasses of wine

● Or 1,946 bottles of wine

Residents will also need to up the amount of drinks they consume each week in order to appease the lockdown bill.

To recover the Rovers Return lockdown costs, Weatherfield’s residents will need to consume the following each week in addition to their usual order:

● 1,144 packets of pork scratchings per week

● Or 1,029 extra packets of crisps

● Or 545 extra glasses of fruit juice

● Or 447 bottles of cola

● Or 441 extra pints of bitter

● Or 356 extra pints

● Or 280 extra glasses of wine

● Or 92 extra bottles of wine a week

With 84 confirmed main characters living on Coronation Street, the pub's favourite customers will need to get drinking to keep the pub thriving, with each character needing to drink an extra four pints a week on top of their usual order to help the pub recover lost costs that are equivalent to over 7,000 pints.

With an accidental engagement to Alina to celebrate, Tyrone will have more than enough time to squeeze in the extra pints - adding an extra five of his go-to pint bitter every week until the big day. But he’ll need to eat an extra 13 bags of pork scratchings a week to help keep the pub open.

After rumours of her affair have broken out, Tracey Barlow might be feeling the pressure - but she’ll have to consume over 5,000 of her go-to large white wines over the rest of the year, or an extra bottle of wine a week to single-handedly cover the costs of the pub.

The data has been compiled by to assess how viable the popular fictional pub would have been in lockdown.

The Rovers Return is based in Weatherfield, a fictional town in Greater Manchester, and so the pub would have fallen victim to the tough restriction measures that the region faced throughout lockdown. Pubs without a beer garden (including the Rovers Return) in the region had to close for a total of 250 days since March 2020, though some venues were able to offer takeaway services during this time.

Commenting on the findings, Paul Wilson, Consumer Finance Expert at said:

“It’s interesting to see how the Rovers Return would have fared amidst the lockdown restrictions that were imposed across Greater Manchester during the pandemic. Many pubs and restaurants lost out on business that was essential to help them cover the costs of rent for their premises and staff salaries.”

“The residents of Weatherfield clearly have a lot of catching up to do if they want to help the Rovers Return stay in business this year and recover the costs they lost during the pandemic.”