A ROAD trip involving two television stars and a vintage Ferrari took a turn for the worst when one began violently vomiting inside the car.

Ex-Corrie favourite Catherine Tyldesley, who played popular barmaid Eva Price on the soap, and Strictly Come Dancing runner-up Karim Zeroual were chatting away inside the swanky sports car when disaster struck, with Karim stating that he 'felt a bit sick'.

Lancashire Telegraph: QUEEZY: Karim ZeroualQUEEZY: Karim Zeroual

He asked Catherine to stop the car, but before she could he had started spewing over the dashboard and into the footwell.

"I've just been sick in your Ferrari," he said, before admitting that he had endured a "bad belly" earlier in the morning.

Lancashire Telegraph: SICKLY: Karim about to throw upSICKLY: Karim about to throw up

The bizarre scenes were being filmed from a camera on the dashboard and a reassuring Catherine repeatedly sympathised and attempted to help the beleaguered TV presenter and actor.

However, Karim continued to vomit - at one point spraying through his fingers and onto the camera lens and windscreen - before eventually clambering out of the expensive and highly collectible vehicle.

Lancashire Telegraph: GONE: Karim couldn't hold it any longerGONE: Karim couldn't hold it any longer

Catherine shared the footage on her Instagram stories before adding afterwards: "I've had lots of comments about Karim.

"I'd like to point out that we are still friends despite the vomit and he's fine, thank God. It was horrific, I'm not going to lie.

Lancashire Telegraph: SPEW: Karim continued to vomit once the car had stoppedSPEW: Karim continued to vomit once the car had stopped

"That was a vintage Ferrari, can I just point that out? If you're going to do it Karim, do it in style."

It isn't clear what or why the pair were filming and may have just been catching up after they became friends while competing on Strictly Come Dancing last year.