TODAY is National Dogs Day so we thought what better way to celebrate than get photos from our readers of their furry friends.

So we have taken the lead and picked out just some of our favourites.

Amanda Guy from Oswaldtwistle sent in this photo of Angel and Penny

Lancashire Telegraph:


Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: "Penny was a rescue dog. I adopted Penny in 2009. She's still going strong.

"Penny once brought a wild duck home for us!! Angel is scared of the dark."

Meanwhile, Gracie Slater from Livesey sent in this photo of Chico

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: "Chico is a 2 year old Chihuahua/Shih Tzu who I've had since a puppy. I got Chico for my 8th birthday and we've been best friends ever since."

Meanwhile Thomas Martin sent in this great photo of Zeb.

Lancashire Telegraph:

He said: "Zeb is a Rottweiler and is 11 years old and winston the pug is 9 year old"

Then Julia Stockton sent in this photo of sisterly love 

Lancashire Telegraph:

She said: "Roxy the Rottie pup. With Emelia and Isla Stockton"

Then we finally have Luna - a 18 month old chocolate cocker spaniel.

She loves a little dress up especially if there are treats involved.

Lancashire Telegraph:

You will also often find her with her head in the laundry basket or running around with a sock in her mouth. She also has a crazy dog mum who created an insta for her @luna.thechocolatecocker

It is national dogs day on Thursday - send in your photos with your prize pooches

"We love them like they are our best friends so we want to show them off. We want our readers to send in their photograph with their dogs ahead of national dogs day."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Thomas martin

Send us your photo of you with your dog

Lancashire Telegraph: Study timeStudy time
Study time

What is the name of your dog and your name?

What town are you from?

Tell us about your dog and how long you have owned them?
Hunter is 5 month old Rottweiler and the 3rd generation to our family

Tell us any interesting or funny stories with them
Iv had Rottweiler s for the last 20 years and Hunter is the 3rd Generation. Unfortunately Hunter likes to eat all the dirty laundry.

International Pets Day - Send us your photographs of you with your prize pooch, cute cat or any other pet you have

"It is International Pets Day on Sunday, and we wanted to get your photographs with you and your best friends...your pets We will be running a feature in the paper about it with your photos. Alternatively you can email your responses to Please can you include - your pet's name, your name, what kind of pet, where you are from, how long you have had your pet and any memories you have"

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Karen crolla-barker

Send us your photo of you with your pet

Lancashire Telegraph: Chilling with my sisterChilling with my sister
Chilling with my sister
Lancashire Telegraph: You cannot take my pictureYou cannot take my picture
You cannot take my picture
Lancashire Telegraph: Its a dogs lifeIts a dogs life
Its a dogs life

Tell us the name of you and your pet
My rescue dogs are called Poppy and Daisy

Tell us where you are from
Wilpshire blackburn

Tell us what kind of pet it is
We don't know what kind of dogs they are as they were found on the streets with their mother when they were weeks old.

Tell us how long you have had your pet
We got them as 4 month old puppies in May 2020