WITH a view to the alarming latest report from the scientists on the state of our planet global crisis I have a few suggestions I would like to make public in the hope the majority of people agree.

Perhaps the local bus company could withdraw all double deckers (they are nearly always empty).

Maybe people could search their conscience and ask themselves ‘Do I really want this beef burger knowing that masses of cows are bred just for burger meat?’

We should let the grass grow.

I’m not for one minute suggesting get rid of all cows, just please don’t let us get like America and just think burgers are big bucks for the economy etc.

I have enjoyed the odd burger mince meal myself and there’s nothing wrong in protected farming but I feel we have become a nation of fast food addicts. If it’s true that methane from cows is at an alarming/damaging high, we need to address it.

The blame is on the packagers

I am a grandmother of three and was born in the 1960s. Please, please let us not be selfish to this young generation and generations to come. We are only curators of planet earth. No one person/domain/company owns it. Let us all work together and maybe just maybe we can save it.

It is a sad thing when you hear young people say "When I grow up, I don’t want children" as they’re unsure if it will be safe to do so.