Dozens of Lancashire homes are predicted to without power this week as Electricity North West reveal their planned power cuts list.

The electricity company sometimes need to cut power in certain areas to carry out essential work.

Here’s all you need to know about power cuts - including the areas that could be left without electricity for a number of hours:

What are planned power cuts and why are they carried out?

Electricity North West said they have planned power cuts so engineers can safely work on cables that supply power to the property.

Some reasons for them carrying out planned power cuts are:

  • Maintaining and investing in the network
  • New connections to the network
  • Tree cutting

It’s hoped that these planned power cuts will improve electricity connectivity in the county.

They also give customers at least 10 days notice before carrying out the planned work.

Clive Wilkinson, operations director at Electricity North West, said: “A lot of the work we do happens in the background and customers aren’t always affected, we even have ‘live lines’ teams who can work on live electricity equipment without turning power off, however, sometimes we do have to turn people’s power off so that our engineers can work on the network safely.

“Planned power cuts allow us to carry out vital work such as maintaining the network, carrying out repairs and installing new connections, which ensures that homes and businesses continue receive the best supply possible in the long term.

“With every planned power cut, we’ll always give at least 10 days’ notice, won’t turn power off before 9am and electricity will be back on before 5pm.

“Unfortunately, not all power cuts are planned and can happen for a variety of reasons with no warning because of the weather, vandalism or even birds hitting overhead lines. Our teams are on hand 24/7 365 days a year and should anybody ever need any more information during a power cut, whether planned or not, they can follow Electricity North West on Twitter or Facebook for updates, or call us free on 105.”

Power cuts planned in Lancashire

Here is a full list of Lancashire areas where power cuts are planned this week:

Where? Ormskirk

When? 26/08/2021

How many customers without power? 17

Postcodes affected: WN8 7UT, L40 4BL


Where? Ribble Valley/ Longridge area

When? 24/08/2021

How many customers without power? 5

Postcodes affected: PR3 2TB

Where? Preston

When? 26/08/2021

How many customers without power? 24

Postcodes affected: PR5 0UU, PR5 0SS, PR5 0RQ, PR5 0RP, PR5 0RN, PR5 0RL, PR5 0RJ


Where? Preston

When? 25/08/2021

How many customers without power? 49

Postcodes affected: PR3 1UB, PR3 1SD, PR3 1RJ, PR3 1QJ, PR3 1QE, PR3 1GJ, PR3 1GH, PR3 1GE, PR3 0PL, PR2 5AU


Where? Clitheroe

When? 25/08/2021

How many customers without power? 63

Postcodes affectes: BB7 9WP, BB7 9EN, BB7 9DX, BB7 9DT, BB7 9HT, BB7 9FY, BB7 9ES, BB7 9EP


Where? Blackpool

When? 25/08/2021

How many customers without power? 50

Postcodes affected: FY4 5JA, FY4 5EE, FY4 5ED, FY4 5EB, FY4 5EA, FY4 5DZ


Where? Lancaster

When? 26/08/2021

How many customers without power? 6

Postcodes affected: LA2 9DD

You can view all of the planned power cuts (and the ones currently in progress on the Electricity North West website.  


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