More than £16,000 of funding has been awarded to an East Lancashire charity so they can buy a new minibus to enhance their service for victims of domestic violence.

Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, has committed the cash to HARV, who are based at the Emily Davison Centre in Accrington.

The money will be spent on a minibus, which will mean the service can respond to support families and help people to a place of safety, as well as enable them to attend events and distribute essential goods to the most vulnerable.

The funding has been provided by the commissioner via the Hyndburn Community Safety Partnership.

Mr Snowden said: "Organisations such as HARV have a vital role to play in supporting victims of domestic abuse and relatively small investments such as this can have a big impact and provide real value in helping vulnerable people get to safety and move forward.

"As commissioner I am committed to getting tough on crime, including abuse in all its forms and will work with the constabulary to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice and we keep people safe.

"By combining a clear support for victims, with work around early intervention and also crucially a clear message that if you are committing abuse, officers will be knocking on your door, we can make a real difference and prevent people from becoming victims in the first place."

HARV have been providing services to vulnerable children and families since 1998.

HARV CEO, Debbie Fawcett, added: "HARV domestic abuse service supports families who are living with domestic and sexual violence.

"This funding will enable us to support families moving into their new properties, and will enable us to provide trips for families, children and young people who access our support. "

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