Former Emmerdale actress, Sammy Winward, appeared on Loose Women yesterday (17 August) with her daughter- and their similarity sparked a discussion on the panel.

The pair appeared on a segment titled ‘should you be friends with your daughter’.

Sammy, who grew up in Edgworth, also talked about her Emmerdale character and if she will ever reprise the soap role.  

(Instagram/ @sammy_winward1)

She had 16-year-old Mia Dunn with former partner and former Blackburn Rovers legend, David Dunn.

However, Mia seems to have mainly inherited her mother’s looks as the Loose Women panel could believe their similarity.

Kaye Adams commented: Looking at the two of you… Mia, you really are the spitting image of your mum.

“You look alike now- but when you look at (Sammy’s) audition tape you’re so alike aren’t you?”

Sam added: “I had Mia when I was 19. She’s 18 in a few years and it’s just crazy. We feel like best mates really.”

Mia added that she is following in her mother’s footsteps and venturing into the world of acting.

She explained: “I’ve just got a new agent… mum just said be polite, be yourself, be respectful and always have backup.

“You have to realise auditions don’t always end in getting the job.

“I’d love to be in a film- but getting a role in a soap would be absolutely incredible.”

The discussion then moved onto Sammy’s stint in Emmerdale, where she played the character of Katie Sugden for 14 years.

Her character was killed off in 2015.

Sammy then revealed that producers asked her to come back onto the show- but not as the Katie Sugden that fans new.

She explained: “Interestingly enough, I was asked to go back to as a ghost.

“I said no and I envisioning myself in a white sheet with the eyeholes cut out.

“I don’t think there’s any way I could come back unless I come back as a ghost."

Janet Street-Porter added: “I think you could have a long-lost identical twin sister who could possibly be played by Mia.

“There must be a way to get your old job back given all the extraordinary things that have happened on a show like Emmerdale.

“I can’t believe a ghost is your only option.”

Sammy also spoke up about her co-star, Kelvin Fletcher, who portrayed Andy Sugden.

Sammy and Kelvin playing Katie and Andy Sugden (Instagram/@sammy_winward1)

She said she sees Kelvin as “family” adding that “90 per cent of the messages” she gets on Instagram are about Kelvin these days “especially when he was on Strictly Come Dancing”.

You can catch up on previous episodes of Loose Women on the ITV hub.

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