IT was reported that 430 migrants crossed the channel in small boats. When are we going to get a grip of this situation and tighten our borders?

Anyone who is British and fully vaccinated, returning legitimately from France on a P&O ferry, has to isolate for 10 days.

Anyone coming in a rubber dingy with probably no jabs is welcomed with open arms, and will be fed and watered at our expense for months until the paperwork is sorted.

Most are then allowed to stay indefinitely and are given accommodation and benefits. They then apply for their families to follow.

There are too many do-gooders who say these migrants have a right to be here as they are refugees and asylum seekers coming from countries blighted by civil war and ethnic cleansing.

In fact, they’ve arrived from France, a stable country with reasonable human rights. Why don’t we just return them to France and let them deal with them at that end?

Better still, turn back the boats before they enter our waters.

We voted to leave the EU to sort problems like this but it is getting worse rather than better!

John Watson, address supplied

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