EARLIER this week, a father raised concerns over a safety bar that had released on a fairground ride in Blackburn.

The dad had taken his children to Blackburn Mega Fun Park in Witton Country Park on Saturday (July 24) when the incident happened.

He had been filming his children, who were a couple of carriages along, and the video and story provoked a strong reaction online. 

The fairground organiser, Cowie Fun Fairs, said that the main safety bar was across the people's waist and remained in place and that the riders were safe at all times.

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Your views

Zahid Chopdat said: “It's all part of the fun. Should just enjoy the ride and the adrenaline rush.”

But Margaret Taylor did not agree, saying: “Holy hell, no way, no amount of money or Lamb's Navy rum and lime, equal measures of both and no ice, would get me on one of those things. NEVER!

However, Antonia Maria commented: “I loved going on them and still do, but because so many things like this has happened, it puts me off totally.”

Luke Sait said: “How dramatic are you all. There are two lots of safety bars.

“No one is falling out and these rides are checked more than you check yourself.

“Love how dramatic some people can be.”

Nigel Mealor said: “At the end of the day you go to these rides of your own free will, knowing that just maybe something can go horribly wrong - but you think it never will happen to you. You never know what is around that corner - nothing is ever guaranteed in life."