RIVINGTON Terraced Gardens continues to experience incidents of vandalism and criminal offences, Chorley Police were told during a tour of the heritage site.

Officers paid a visit to the gardens on Thursday where they were informed by a volunteer that people have cut down gates and fences in order to drive on the land. Recently fences had been torn down to build a fire.

Police have warned that incidents like these can lead to major fires and destroy habitats of rare species of animals.

The area is a recognised Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Sgt Harrison, who is responsible for the area, said: "Behaviour like this is unacceptable and it's destroying our heritage sites and the habitats of protected species.

"There's also the bigger picture of possibly contaminating the reservoirs which could have a massive impact on the public.

"Going forward we will be working closely with partner agencies and Greater Manchester Police to tackle these sorts of crimes and make an example of people who commit these offences.

"Remember crimes against heritage and SSI sites means there are bigger sanctions for those responsible".

Police added that they take crimes of this nature very seriously and urge the public to report them on 101 or 999.