An author who grew up in Haslingden has published his debut novel which is set in the town.

Khurram Elahi, 50, who now lives in Qatar, has written a horror and thriller novel called 'A Change of Seasons'.

The author said that the book focuses on the life of a resident of Haslingden and his impending heart operation. As he contemplates life in hospital, he finds himself reliving his problems and memories as a child, some that come back to haunt him.

Khurram said: "This is my first publication, though I have written various short stories before.

"I was born and brought up in Haslingden so it seemed logical to have Haslingden as the setting for the novel."

Khurram went to Haslingden High School, which, although not mentioned by name, is the scene for the start of the novel.

He has been living in the middle east for the past 17 years with his wife, two daughters and son, but before moving, he had developed a passion for writing which faded away until recently.

He added: "I began writing the story when I was in my twenties but got bored and left it to one side.

"Ironically, as Corona hit the world, I found myself with lots of free time, working from home and with less actual work going on.

"My interest in writing came back and I completed it, typed it up and sent it out to various publishers. It was accepted by a few literary agents and it ended up getting published.

"I always felt wanted to write about something I could relate to so most aspects of the novel are situations that I just experienced and built on."

The book, which has been published by the Conrad Press is available to buy on Amazon.

Khurram is already working on his second novel.