A SPECIAL 'Rainbow Plaque' will be unveiled tomorrow (FRIDAY July 30) to commemorate 50th anniversary of a historic public meeting

In an attempt to convince local people of the need for a gay club in the Co-op building on Hammerton Street a meeting entitled 'Homosexuals and Civil Liberty' was held in Burnley library on July 30 1971.

There was opposition from religious groups in Burnley who campaigned against the opening of the club and there was a heated debate at the public meeting.

In order to commemorate this significant event Lancashire Council has agreed to unveil a Rainbow Plaque commemorating the meeting onto the front of the library at 4pm.

This will be the first time a Rainbow Plaque has been unveiled in the North-West and commemorates a significant meeting in the struggle for LGBT equality

The ceremony, organised by the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, will be opened by Cllr Mark Townsend, Mayor of Burnley.

Other speakers will include Burnley Rural Conservative Cllr Cosima Towneley representing Lancashire County Council as its Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Two speakers at the 1971 meeting, Michael Steed and Andrew Lumsden, will attend.