A man has been arrested after an electricty substation was damaged and copper wiring stolen.

On Friday July 23, police received a report from Electricity North West that one of their substations on Croston Road in Farrington had lost power.

Officers deployed to the area and found that the fencing to the substation had been damaged and Electricity North West Engineers later confirmed that the equipment had been tampered with and copper wiring had been stolen.

Reckless intruders 'dicing with death' by breaking into Lancashire's substations

The damage and theft is believed to be linked to similar incidents across Leyland which caused a loss of power to thousands of homes.

Following several enquiries, a man was arrested on suspicion of theft.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident as numerous substations and other electrical equipment has been targeted across Leyland.

"This caused a loss of power to around 2,000 households and businesses.

"Thanks to members of the public we were able to identify the suspect and he was duly arrested.

"Enquiries are still ongoing, and we will keep you updated."

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