TWO members of a care home team have been congratulated and awarded a medal at an exclusive lunch event hosted by the Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley.

The Mayor’s Medal Award is recognition and acknowledgement of individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

This award is especially significant now and acknowledges the unsung heroes in the community who have been generous with their time, energy and support.

Nigel Beeston, the housekeeper at Bank Hall, and David Humphrey, responsible for maintenance at the home, were both nominated for the award by the home's manager Sandra Carr.

Miss Carr said: "I am so proud of both of them. Our carers have had lots of praise over the last few months but our ancillary team have done such incredible work too. Both gentlemen accepted the medals but dedicated them to all the staff at Bank Hall, which is a lovely gesture."

In a letter to Mr Beeston and Mr Humphrey, Burnley mayor Cllr Mark Townsend thanked both men for their contribution to care.

He said: "I am glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge your selfless work. I am sure that everyone who works with you and who knows you personally must be extremely proud and thankful for everything you do and everything you have done throughout this difficult time. Thank you so much for helping."